Do your relationships need Viagra?

As soon as Viagra has appeared on the market, there has been a fierce debate around it: doctors, sociologists, sexologists, psychologists led mass weighty arguments in favor of the fact that Viagra is either very useful or harmful for men and women - sexual partners.

What do psychologists and sexologists think of Viagra pills?

Some sexologists and psychologists believed that Viagra can cause relationship partners do more harm than good. According to them, although stable erection is important for normal relationships, it is not the only important thing in relations because in sexual relationships such feelings as reliability and understanding, love and warmness should be at the first place. To their mind Viagra can even destroy relationships with partner helping to get rid of problems with erection which was considered to be the only problem because then both partners may understand that the real problem - the problem of a psychological nature which has not gone away. On the other hand, some experts say that Viagra is the best medicine of all time in order to strengthen the self-esteem of men and thereby revitalize the relationship between the partners, who have been married for many years and had forgotten the joy of sex, doing it rarely and without much success. Even hour period of time that passes after taking the pills before the full erection can be considered an advantage because this time can be used by the partners for caresses and a prelude - the important element of sexuality.

Some specialists are sure that Viagra is an invaluable gift to strengthen relations between the partners as thanks to Viagra the erectile dysfunction has evolved from a secret vice, which was only whispered in the kitchen, into one of those problems which can be freely and openly discussed on the pages of newspapers and during friendly meetings now. Thanks to Viagra men can speak more freely about their problems with their sexual partners. This concerns even couples which have been married for many years and never really discussed their sexual relationship. Now, if the man had never told his wife a word about the erection suddenly will lead this conversation to the erectile problems topic, it can help them to better understand each other, not only in regard to intimate relationships, but also in many other aspects of life.

Who needs to take Viagra?

Viagra has been designed for men experiencing such an unpleasant problem as erectile dysfunction. However, nowadays sometimes even healthy men can use Viagra if they have any fears or doubts that they will be on top in bed with the beloved woman. Viagra is not only helpful for solving problems with erection but also it performs the function of a pill which is able to raise man’s self-esteem.

What dose of Viagra is recommended?

If you have decided to take Viagra it is better to consult your doctor in order to get a prescription concerning the necessary dose. Viagra is available in three doses:

  • 25 mg
  • 50 mg
  • 100 mg

Depending on your health problems, you can be prescribed one of the mentioned doses. Many doctors prefer to start from the minimal dose (25mg) in order to check your reaction after taking Viagra tablet. In case of being dissatisfied with the result, the dose can be increased to 50 mg. The maximum dose 100 mg is for those who have serious condition of erectile dysfunction and other doses don’t work for them, especially it concerns older men.

How often is it possible to take Viagra?

Viagra can be taken not more often than once per day. Usually it is taken on-demand. It means that you can take it with you, if you know that there is a chance of having sexual intimacy with your partner. Take into account that Viagra is going to work in 30-60 minutes after you have taken it. If you have eaten some fatty food or have drunk alcoholic drinks before taking the pill, it may start working a bit later.

Which side effects can you experience after taking a “love pill”?


As any other drug, Viagra may cause some unwanted side effects. However, some of them can be prevented if you consult your doctor before taking the pill. It is recommended to inform your healthcare specialist about taking some other medication as not all drugs can be combined with Viagra. You should also tell your doctor about all health problems you have as in some cases Viagra can be contraindicated or taken with caution. In case you notice the following side effects, it is necessary to visit your doctor immediately and stop taking the tablet. Check the list below:
  • Pripiarism: What does this term mean? All men dream about long-lasting erection but this condition is unhealthy as if your erection lasts more than 4 hours, you will need to get medical help. Otherwise, your penis can be damaged.
  • Loss of vision: if suddenly you notice that you have lost your vision in one or both eyes, it will mean that you need to stop using Viagra and inform your doctor immediately as this is a serious problem.
  • Loss of hearing: contact your healthcare provider in case of such symptoms as ringing in ears or dizziness.

Contraindications of Viagra

You should understand that Viagra is a serious pill and it is not for you if:

  • You have had a stroke recently or have any heart diseases at the moment
  • You have serious liver problems
  • You have kidney problems
  • You have a deformed penis
  • You have not stable blood pressure: low or high

These are main reasons which should prevent a man from using Viagra pill. In any case it is recommended to consult your doctor before taking a decision to take this medication for erection.

Can Viagra be substituted by other drugs?

Viagra has a lot of generics based on the same active ingredient- Sildenafil. They are the following:

  • Kamagra
  • Suhagra
  • Sildigra
  • Pemegra
  • Edegra
  • Viprogra
  • Pfiagara

There are analogs of Viagra among the drugs which are based on other active substance (Vardanafil): Levitra.